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ConnectionManager Class Reference

The ConnectionManager class manages L2TP over IPsec VPN connections. More...

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Public Member Functions

 ConnectionManager (L2tpIPsecVpnApplication &application, QObject *pParent=0)
int exec ()
virtual ~ConnectionManager ()

Private Types

typedef QList< QAction * > ActionList
enum  ActionType {
typedef QPair< const QString,
const NetworkInterface

Private Slots

void about () const
void detectConnectionState ()
void editConnections () const
void iconActivated (QSystemTrayIcon::ActivationReason reason)
void messageClicked ()
void onCheckPtpInterfaceIsDown ()
void onCheckPtpInterfaceIsUp ()
void onConnectionAdded (const QString &strName)
void onConnectionRemoved (const QString &strName)
void onPtpInterfaceIsGoingDown (NetworkInterface interface)
void onPtpInterfaceIsUpAnRunning (NetworkInterface interface)
void onRouteAdded (NetworkInterface interface, unsigned int iPriority)
void onRouteDeleted (NetworkInterface interface, unsigned int iPriority)
void onVpnTaskErrorMsg (int iErrorCode)
void onVpnTaskFinished ()
void onVpnTaskOutput (const QString &strOutputLine)
void onVpnTaskReadyReadLog ()
void onVpnTaskTimeout ()
void showConnectionInformation () const
void showMessage ()
void vpnConnect (QAction *pAction)
void vpnDisconnect (bool fDontChangeStatus=false)

Private Member Functions

QAction * action (ActionType type) const
void connected (const QString &strConnectionName, const NetworkInterface &ptpInterface)
 ConnectionManager (const ConnectionManager &orig)
ConnectionInfo connectionNameOfUpAndRunningPtpInterface () const
void createActions ()
void createTrayIcon ()
void disConnected ()
void enableAllConnections (bool fEnable) const
void error (int iErrorCode)
void onStatusChanged ()
ConnectionManageroperator= (const ConnectionManager &orig)
void vpnConnect (const QString &strConnectionName)

Static Private Member Functions

static QString connectionName (const NetworkInterface &interface, int iRetry=1)

Private Attributes

volatile bool m_fIsExecuting
volatile bool m_fRoutePriorityIsChanging
ActionList *const m_pActions
ConnectionInformationDialog *const m_pConnectionInformation
QMenu * m_pConnectionMenu
QMenu * m_pContextMenu
QTimer *const m_pTimeout
QSystemTrayIcon * m_pTrayIcon

Detailed Description

The ConnectionManager class manages L2TP over IPsec VPN connections.

Definition at line 42 of file ConnectionManager.h.

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