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IPSecSettings Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  Result { Ok, InvalidName, DuplicateName, ReadOnly }

Public Member Functions

Result addConnection (const QString &strName) const
QString authBy () const
QString certificateFileName () const
void clearChanged ()
CommonSettings commonSettings (const QString &strName) const
QString connection (int iConnectionNo) const
int connections () const
QString gateway () const
QString gateway (const QString &strName) const
bool hasChanged () const
QString identity () const
IPSecSettings ipsecSettings (const QString &strName) const
bool isWriteable () const
L2tpSettings l2tpSettings (const QString &strName) const
QString name (const QHostAddress &gateway) const
PppSettings pppSettings (const QString &strName) const
QString preSharedKey () const
QString privateKeyFilePath () const
QString privateKeyPassphrase () const
bool removeConnection (int iConnectionNo) const
bool setAuthBy (const QString &strAuthBy) const
bool setCertificateFileName (const QString &strFileName) const
bool setGateway (const QString &strGateway) const
bool setIdentity (const QString &strIdentity) const
bool setPreSharedKey (const QString &strPsk) const
bool setPrivateKeyFilePath (const QString &strFilePath) const
bool setPrivateKeyPassphrase (const QString &strPassphrase) const

Protected Member Functions

int connectionNo () const
bool getBoolValue (const QString &strPath, bool fDefault=false) const
int getIntValue (const QString &strPath, int iDefault=0) const
QString getSecret (const QString &strPath) const
QString getStringValue (const QString &strPath) const
QSettings * qSettings () const
bool removeArrayItem (const QString &strArrayName, int iIndex) const
QString routeProperty (int iRow, const QString strPropertyName) const
bool setRouteProperty (const QString &strValue, int iRow, const QString strPropertyName) const
bool setSecret (const QString &strValue, const QString &strPath) const
bool setValue (const QString &strValue, const QString &strPath) const
bool setValue (int iValue, const QString &strPath) const
bool setValue (bool fValue, const QString &strPath) const

Private Member Functions

 IPSecSettings (int iConnectionNo)
IPSecSettingsoperator= (const IPSecSettings &orig)


class ConnectionSettings

Detailed Description

Definition at line 99 of file ConnectionSettings.h.

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