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L2tpSettings Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  Result { Ok, InvalidName, DuplicateName, ReadOnly }

Public Member Functions

Result addConnection (const QString &strName) const
void clearChanged ()
CommonSettings commonSettings (const QString &strName) const
QString connection (int iConnectionNo) const
int connections () const
QString gateway (const QString &strName) const
bool hasChanged () const
IPSecSettings ipsecSettings (const QString &strName) const
bool isWriteable () const
L2tpSettings l2tpSettings (const QString &strName) const
bool lengthBit () const
QString name (const QHostAddress &gateway) const
PppSettings pppSettings (const QString &strName) const
bool redial () const
int redialAttempts () const
int redialTimeout () const
bool removeConnection (int iConnectionNo) const
bool setLengthBit (bool fEnable) const
bool setRedial (bool fEnable) const
bool setRedialAttempts (int iAttempts) const
bool setRedialTimeout (int iTimeout) const

Protected Member Functions

int connectionNo () const
bool getBoolValue (const QString &strPath, bool fDefault=false) const
int getIntValue (const QString &strPath, int iDefault=0) const
QString getSecret (const QString &strPath) const
QString getStringValue (const QString &strPath) const
QSettings * qSettings () const
bool removeArrayItem (const QString &strArrayName, int iIndex) const
QString routeProperty (int iRow, const QString strPropertyName) const
bool setRouteProperty (const QString &strValue, int iRow, const QString strPropertyName) const
bool setSecret (const QString &strValue, const QString &strPath) const
bool setValue (const QString &strValue, const QString &strPath) const
bool setValue (int iValue, const QString &strPath) const
bool setValue (bool fValue, const QString &strPath) const

Private Member Functions

 L2tpSettings (int iConnectionNo)
L2tpSettingsoperator= (const L2tpSettings &orig)


class ConnectionSettings

Detailed Description

Definition at line 126 of file ConnectionSettings.h.

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