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NetworkInterface Class Reference

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class  InternetInterfaceInfo
class  Statistic

Public Types

typedef std::vector
< QNetworkAddressEntry > 
enum  InterfaceFlag {
  IsUp = 0x1, IsRunning = 0x2, CanBroadcast = 0x4, IsLoopBack = 0x8,
  IsPointToPoint = 0x10, CanMulticast = 0x20
typedef std::map< std::string,
typedef std::pair< std::string,
typedef std::vector
< QNetworkAddressEntry > 
typedef unsigned long uint32

Public Member Functions

const AddressEntries & addressEntries () const
void clearAddressEntries (void)
void clearRouteEntries (void)
InterfaceFlags flags () const
bool hasDefaultGateway () const
unsigned int index () const
bool isIPsecPysicalGateway () const
bool isNull () const
bool isPtP () const
const std::string & name () const
 NetworkInterface (const NetworkInterface &orig)
bool operator== (const NetworkInterface &other) const
const AddressEntries & routeEntries () const

Static Public Member Functions

static InterfaceMap defaultGateway (void)
static QStringList dns (void)
static InternetInterfaceInfo internetInterfaceInfo ()
static InterfaceMap pointToPointInterfaces (void)
static Statistic statistic (const std::string &strInterfaceName)

Static Public Attributes

static const NetworkInterface null

Private Member Functions

void addAddressEntry (const QNetworkAddressEntry &addressEntry)
void addRouteEntry (const QNetworkAddressEntry &routeEntry)
 NetworkInterface (const char *const cstrName, int iIndex, uint iRawFlags)
NetworkInterfaceoperator= (const NetworkInterface &orig)
bool removeAddressEntry (const QNetworkAddressEntry &addressEntry)
bool removeRouteEntry (const QNetworkAddressEntry &routeEntry)
void setFlags (uint iRawFlags)

Static Private Member Functions

static InterfaceFlags convertFlags (uint iRawFlags)

Private Attributes

std::vector< QNetworkAddressEntry > m_AddressEntries
InterfaceFlags m_Flags
const unsigned int m_iIndex
std::vector< QNetworkAddressEntry > m_RouteEntries
const std::string m_strName


class NetworkInterfaceMonitor

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file NetworkInterface.h.

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