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Pkcs11 Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

CK_OBJECT_HANDLE createObject (const Pkcs11Attlist &attrs) const
void initPin (const unsigned char *pcPin, unsigned long ulPinLen) const
void loadAttribute (Pkcs11Attribute &attribute, CK_OBJECT_HANDLE ulObjectHandle) const
void login (const unsigned char *pcPin, unsigned long ulPinlen, bool fAsSecurityOfficer) const
void logout () const
QList< CK_MECHANISM_TYPE > mechanismList (unsigned long ulSlot) const
bool needsLogin (bool fAsSecurityOfficer) const
QList< CK_OBJECT_HANDLE > objectList (const Pkcs11Attlist &atts) const
bool protectedAuthenticationPath (CK_SLOT_ID ulSlotId) const
bool protectedAuthenticationPath () const
void setPin (const unsigned char *pcOldPin, unsigned long ulOldPinLen, const unsigned char *pcPin, unsigned long ulPinLen) const
CK_SLOT_ID slotId () const
QList< unsigned long > slotList () const
unsigned long slotsAvailable () const
void startSession (unsigned long ulSlot, bool fRW=false)
void storeAttribute (Pkcs11Attribute &attribute, CK_OBJECT_HANDLE ulObjectHandle) const
QStringList tokenInfo (CK_SLOT_ID ulSlotId) const
QStringList tokenInfo () const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool loaded ()
static bool loadLibrary (QString strFilePath, bool fSilent)
static void pk11error (QString strfunc, int iReturnValue)

Private Member Functions

Pkcs11operator= (const Pkcs11 &orig)
 Pkcs11 (const Pkcs11 &orig)

Private Attributes

CK_OBJECT_HANDLE m_ulObjectHandle
CK_SESSION_HANDLE m_ulSessionHandle
CK_SLOT_ID m_ulSlotId

Static Private Attributes

static lt_dlhandle m_pLoadedModuleHandle = NULL


class Pkcs11AttrData
class Pkcs11Attribute
class Pkcs11AttrUlong

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file Pkcs11.h.

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