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VPNControlTask Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  Action { Connect, Disconnect }


void commandOutputReceived (const QString &strOutputLine)
void errorMessageEmited (int iErrorCode)
void readyReadLog ()

Public Member Functions

Action action () const
const QString & connectionName () const
qint64 readErrorLine (char *data, qint64 iMaxSize)
qint64 readLogLine (char *data, qint64 iMaxSize)
int restartPcscDaemon ()
void run ()
void setAction (Action action)
void setConnectionName (const QString &strConnectionName)
bool stop (unsigned long iWaitMiliSeconds)
 Tries to stop this running thread.
 VPNControlTask (QObject *pParent)

Private Slots

void onCommandOutput (const QString &strOutputLine)
void onResult (int iReturnCode, const QString &stCommand)
void readyReadVpnLogPipe ()

Private Member Functions

void clearVpnLogPipe ()
bool createControlClient ()
void deleteControlClient ()
void emitErrorMsg (const QString &strErrorContext)
VPNControlTaskoperator= (const VPNControlTask &orig)
void runAndWait (VpnClientConnection::Command iCommand, const QString strArguments="")
void runConnect ()
void runDisconnect ()
 VPNControlTask (const VPNControlTask &orig)

Private Attributes

Action m_Action
volatile bool m_fIPSecConnectionAdded
volatile bool m_fIPSecConnectionIsUp
volatile int m_iReturnCode
QByteArray *const m_pByteArray
QTextStream *const m_pErrorStream
QSocketNotifier * m_pVpnLogPipeNotifier
QString m_strConnectionName

Static Private Attributes

static QFile m_vpnLogPipe

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file VPNControlTask.h.

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